adult day programs

InCommunity day programs provide opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to participate in meaningful activities within their own communities.

Residential options

InCommunity provides various living options to people with developmental disabilities who are in search of more independent living.


Family support funding

InCommunity temporarily provides families with the funding support they need to continue to care for a family member with a developmental disability in their home. 

supported employment

InCommunity establishes employment opportunities for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities in a traditional work environment.


respite care

InCommunity provides temporary relief in or out of the home for the primary caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities. Our respite providers are trained, experienced care givers.

community living support

InCommunity can provide regularly scheduled services assist individuals in maintaining a healthy and productive life at home and in the community. 


Crisis support

InCommunity Mobile Crisis Team arrives on-site within 1.5 hours of the GCAL dispatch and assesses the situation for health and safety risk related to the individual and/or others.

behavior support

InCommunity provides behavioral support services to individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability, and can include mental health. Using a Positive Behavior Support approach, we work with both the family and the participant to establish specific goals and objectives for different types of behaviors.