VSA Community Events Program

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Thank you for your interest in the VSA arts of Georgia Community Events Program. This program facilitates the donation and distribution of tickets from more than 125 cultural, arts and popular events venues to non-profit human service agencies around the state. Some of our venues include Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, High Museum and many more.

To be eligible for this program your agency must complete our Invitation Request Form below. Once completed, your agency’s form will be reviewed to ensure all qualifications are met. Upon approval, an email will be sent with a link to our online Community Events Application. You will be notified if your Invitation Request Form is denied.

Note: We are unable to serve churches or schools. We do work with programs of churches or schools if the program has its own 501(c)(3) tax letter. All agencies and services are subject to periodic review to continue in the program.

Employee Name *
Employee Name
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Is your agency an established (providing services for 2 years or more years) non-profit human service agency (including government agencies)?
Question 2 *
Does your agency deliver ongoing services to a clearly defined client group?
Question 3 *
Does your agency serve people with disabilities or low income (according to Federal Poverty Guidelines) as the primary client group?
Question 4 *
Does your agency discriminate based on race, religion, sexual orientation or otherwise?