Rally Support behind your Run

Raise funds for InCommunity through walks, runs, races and more. This one is really easy, just sign up for the event and be sure to share your cause all over social media!


Golf fundraiser

Fundraising golf events are a great summer activity.  Work out a day with your favorite course and invite all your golf enthusiasts.  Your friends will enjoy donating to worthy cause while enjoying a great day on the course.

You can also change it up a bit and host golf events with a twist: 

  • Nine at Night- Participants collect donations and play nine holes of golf at night on a course lined with thousands of glow sticks.

  • Marathon Golf - Participants collect pledges and challenge themselves to complete 100 holes of golf in a single day. 

Denim at work

Anyone who wears business clothes to work 5 days a week is itching for an opportunity to come to work in their favorite jeans. Encourage your employer to adopt a denim day to help raise funds for InCommunity!


Holiday Giving Party

Party with a purpose! Host a Holiday Giving Party!  Many of our individuals do not have families to provide them with the things they need and want for the holidays.  We will provide you with a wish list for your event, guests can sign up for 1 gift or adopt a whole house.  Guests can also choose to make a donation towards the Giving Party instead of purchasing the items.  Your guests will have a grand time and also be filled with the spirit of the Holidays!

GIve back day

Reach out to your favorite restaurant or store to arrange a give back day.  In exchange for you promoting a special day for your friends, family and coworkers to come in, the business will donate a percentage of the sales to your charity.


Movie day

What’s better than watching a good movie with friends? Watching one during the school day and raising money while you’re at it!  Students will love donating a few dollars to get out of class to watch a fan favorite film. Don’t forget the popcorn!